• Stress management, body awareness, balance, joint health and muscle flexibility.  
  • An innovative group environment for bridging the gap from injury / below baseline function to being able to do a yoga class confidently, or practice yoga independently, in the community or at home
  • Supervision by a qualified physiotherapist + registered yoga teacher of a limited group of people to ensure safety + comfort while performing specific beginner yoga poses


Type of classes:

  • Beginner style low impact rehab - introducing to foundational yoga poses and sequences


Target participants: 

  • Patients all ages considered appropriate by their physio - medically well to participate
    • For as an adjunct to physio
    • Interested in trying yoga as a low impact form of exercise


Costs for participants: 

  • $20 per class or $100 for whole block (6 weeks)



  • Mat provided (bring own if preferred)

Give us a call (0800842749) or email us ( to book in for a class or enquire about class times.