Dave Bullen

Dave Bullen


Physiotherapy (Bsc Hons) PNZ

Available at Central Wellington Clinic

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Breathing training for anxiety, hyperventilation and breathing pattern disorders

Dry Needling


Pre-employment screening

Primitive reflex and sensory motor deficit assessment

Postural training

Biomechanics assessment and sports specific exercise prescription

Acute musculoskeletal injury diagnosis

Ergonomic desk assessments

Pilates based exercise prescription

Mckenzie based exercise therapy

Dave Graduated from Brunel University London 2007 where he started his career in the Public sector of the NHS rotating around the hospital circuit gaining experience with all manner of injuries from the very acute to the chronic long-term dysfunctional injuries.

Dave’s career has taken him to work with professional football and rugby teams in the UK furthering his development in managing high end athletes, facilitating their return back to sport. Dave has worked in private practice in both the UK and New Zealand.

Since graduating Dave has progressed into Advance Dry needling, McKenzie, Soft tissue release Trigger point therapy, Mulligan’s Concept and Pilates.

With a hands on manual therapy approach Dave is a firm believer in making sure you address the cause of the problem as well as the symptom, he also has a keen interest in biomechanics and exercise therapy.

Dave has a background working as a vocational rehabilitation provider helping people in NZ get back to their desired occupation from cooperate office return to dairy farming.  He has a broad understanding and experience of treating a wide range of different injuries under his belt.

His interests include running anything from 10k up to marathons and martial arts, embracing the kiwi life style of outdoors tramping and exploring.

Dave’s passion lies in motivating people to empower themselves to take control over their health fitness and wellbeing.